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What Happens with Suicide

Here are God's Holy Words for all those who are contemplating suicide:

"Keep your life upon the Earth.

Be a witness to the Holy Might of my Hand and the Vindication of my name for the time is soon to come where each man will say “where is the one who curses God? Where is the one who finds joy in bloodshed? Where is the one who loves to destroy?” You will look and there will be none for My Holy Name is a protection. Each of you I know by name. Do not fear for I have saved you and I will save you again. This is not to be a sacrifice of the body but one with God while still in the body - this is Obedience!"

What happens when a person commits suicide? The question goes beyond this, it actually goes back to why we choose life in the first place, and why life is all about. We live more than once. With each life we polish a few more facets of love; giving, receiving, forgiving, compassion, passion, etc. It is a journey that takes a long time, and we must polish the basic facets of love before we can go and stay before the core of Divine Love, God. Until we get the basic facets down, our time with God is limited. And heaven is not too much more than a place to visit for a while before we come back to earth and continue working on finishing what we were sent here to do. In some ways, it is like completing our kindergarten studies before moving into elementary school. There is much more to do and many more places to go after we are done with the basics. But, we can't until we are ready. It wouldn't be fair to us.

In this journey toward love, there are many hardships. God did not create the hardships, but he can save us out of them, no matter what they are. But (1). when we end our journey early, we lose time - now we have to start from scratch and polish the facets again that we were previously working on. Meanwhile, until our personal work is over, we cannot move on to bigger and better things that God may have in mind, because we will need to get the basics of love down first.

Another problem is (2). when we buy into what the demons are saying and take our own life, we feel very guilty about it because we know in our spirit about (1). Sometimes this guilt makes us not feel we would still be loved by God or accepted by him, and when the Homing Angel (Angel of Death) comes to bring our spirit home to God, we might bow out and stay here. This causes us to be in a ghost form now, because although our body is not inhabitable by our spirit anymore, we chose not to go to heaven. Now we are in big trouble, since we have actively made a choice not to go to God. In this place of not ascending to Father, we now relive every segment of our lives over and over again, repeating the biggest traumas that have happened to us because that is the biggest thing on our mind.

And being a ghost puts us in a form where we can easily see and hear other beings clearly, namely the unHoly Angels, or demons. The demons not only look to harm the living, they look for ghosts to prey upon too, so they can manipulate them into harming living beings. The demons use a gang mentality in their dealings, and their brainwashing tactics and scare mechanisms have often overwhelmed the ghosts into forgetting that they were ever human to begin with. This makes it even more difficult when the Homing Angel visits and offers the choice again to go to God, because the ghost may feel even worse then he did in the beginning, and may also buy into the false notion that the demons are his true family. But God will continue to send his Angel to him, and may also bring opportunities now and then for a human to help send the ghost home. But because of free will, it is still up to the ghost to choose what to do. Can you see how committing suicide can end up being so much worse than the problems that began those thoughts? Also, where did the thoughts really come from?

When a person wants to ends their life early, it is always more than their own thoughts that are moving them to this. It is an outright attack by unHoly Angels - demons. It is very important to understand that you are a Child of God, and have the ability to fight the demons, you have heavenly help to do so. You are created out of love, for love and by love. There is a lot to know regarding the attack that is coming against you from the unHoly Angels, please read the section on Deliverance and the prayer that is there to help you, and also the information on the unHoly Angels or demons, - for the unHoly Angels seek destruction of all of us and of this beautiful earth.

God seeks to have us remember that we are his children, that we are loved and that God offers us great protection during these times, his Holy Angels actually battle for us. This website covers much of the battle that mankind faces, read it thoroughly to see the love and have the information needed to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones and transform darkness to light and fear to love.

There is much happening in the world right now during this time of shift, the dark is getting darker and the light is getting lighter! We are to remember that love wins and to have hope for the things to come, and that none of us are alone. We always have the Holy Angels only a prayer away.