Exorcism, Possession
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Exorcism, Possession

Exorcism: is needed when there is a full on takeover of a person, where they are pushed aside within themselves and darkness is ruling their lives. The deliverance prayers and follow up are needed here. This deliverance is more profound and an experienced Priest is needed here. When our free will is taken from us, He will work and send His Holy Ones to restore the free will. This is done so the person can have the opportunity to come to God, Our Father, without interference.

Possession: occurs when a person has given up their free will to an unHoly Angel (demon).
The manipulation that the unHoly Angels seek is the destruction of what God has made (humanity and creation).

When a person has fallen prey to the manipulation of the unHoly due to holes in their free will from:
places of abuse,
unforgiveness towards others-situations-self,
addictions of any kind,
willful sin (knowing the difference between right and wrong and still making a willful choice to do a wrong),
feelings of extreme sadness, grief, unworthiness or other negative emotions,
choosing fear over love,
that person has given the evil one opportunity to create harm (although not in the case of any abuse suffered as that is a place of damage
done to a person not of their own choice).

When we see so many murder suicides, like the one that just occurred in Connecticut (August 2010) or those where the innocent children in China were killed, or even a suicide bomber, this is the work of the unHoly Angels that have manipulated a person to such an extreme they forget they are a child of God and connected to God and to all of humanity. The damage that the unHoly Angels seek to do is unfortunately evident in our everyday lives. It is important to understand that an exorcism is different from a deliverance/cleansing.

Exorcism is the extreme loss of a person's free will choice. This is the point where an unHoly Angel seeks to possess a person. A person will be unable to pray, to read the Bible, to hear God clearly. It is at this point that the unHoly Angels seek to possess. We do not have to put up with the tormenting and bullying of the unHoly Angels, we can ask God for assistance and ask those who work for God and have been Ordained for the Holy work to assist us. We are never alone (as the unHoly Angels would want us to believe) and we are always loved. God seeks to have us in a place of clarity to hear His Voice and follow His guidance and direction knowing that He has the most loving plan in mind for us all.

So while a person can come under spiritual attack, it is only when they fail to ask for help from God and continue to give their power away to the unHoly Angels by believing the many lies they are told such as: there is no hope, no one loves them, they don't deserve to live, others hate them, they are alone, they are unworthy or evil. If a person believes these lies and turns over their free will to the unHoly Angels and do as the unHoly instruct (which is always about harming others or ourselves) then a possession can occur. As children of God, we are told to be on guard and not to fall prey to the manipulations and machinations of the evil one. And we have help!

An exorcism is about God further demonstrating his love for his children and setting the captives free.

Spiritual attacks happen daily but God gives us hope and help. Many prayers are helpful such as the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, and the prayer of St. Benedict but there is a specialty prayer that we share with others under attack, it is called the Deliverance prayer. I also use it during an exorcism or whenever a person feels an attack coming against their health, their finances or their family/relationships. It can be said by anyone anytime and is very helpful. If a person lacks the faith to say it on their own it is suggested that they have another person who is Ordained say this prayer with them or on their behalf.
Here is the prayer:

"Lord, I ask that any unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me be nailed, held fast and silenced. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the power of the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ and bring them up to you immediately Father to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty place or lonely space with me with your love and your light. Thank you Father, In Jesus' name, Amen."

A true case of possession is rare, most of the time all that is needed is a deliverance. But when a person truly is under the complete control of unHoly Angels, it is nearly impossible for the person themselves to become free, and to say the prayers that are needed. This is when it is important and necessary to have a faithful priest (ordained through apostolic succession) to help the person become free. This includes a faithful team that can aid the priest with reading the Bible out loud, saying prayers, and even at times restraining the person from hurting themselves or others. The priest might be directed by God to do a number of things, which may include sprinkling the person with Holy water, anointing with the Oil of Thanksgiving, touching the person with a crucifix or stole, or needing to state outloud the name of Jesus Christ. After the exorcism is successful and the free will of the person is restored, it is imperative for them to continue faithfully on a renewed spiritual path, and to plug any holes in the free, which leads to attack. This includes being consistent in prayer and The Divine Decrees, reading encouraging spiritual articles, and finding a house of prayer and fellowship where the love of God is recognized.