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Holy Work in Cemetaries and Graveyards (Ordained Only)

Holy Work in Cemeteries and Graveyards

© 2010 Father Billy Clark and Tiffany Snow

*This information is only for those who have been ordained through the laying on of hands by a priest whose lineage is also through the laying on of hands. Ordination is a necessary protection for those doing this deeper work, and continues a Divine blessing and arrangement with God and the Holy Angels to battle beside the faithful person to conquer even in the dimmest of spiritual warfare. The religion is not important - though absolute love, trust and confidence in God’s right to rule and the love for his son Jesus Christ is paramount, and the respect and understanding of the salvation of his sacrifice and authority and power invoked by his name is crucial for success in this work. If you are ordained but not convinced of these things, first strengthen your faith and then return to this work when/if the calling to do so is fully upon you. Do you want information on becoming Ordained? Email Father Billy at

There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done in cemeteries and graveyards. This will incorporate many aspects of the work that you have already done (if you were ordained by Father Billy Clark) and much that is in the book God’s Workbook - Shifting into Light”, and also some information that will be new to you. Because of the depth of each subject, it is possible that at times you will see a prayer referenced but not fully spelled out. That is because it’s already thoroughly covered in other free articles on the website, or is in God’s Workbook and is easily available through several sources. Reference to specific prayers are italicized, reminders for your own personal prayers are not. To those who have taken the “Becoming the Mystic” classes and continued to ordination through the “Called and Commissioned” classes, this article is a reminder of what you already know and also contains new wonderful information for this special work.

This cleansing work in cemeteries and graveyards will also help you hear God better and follow through on His Holy Will. This is also prep work for working more intensely with ghosts, manipulated ghosts, and unHoly Angels as well as extremely beneficial in cleansing and fighting against human occult activity and de-haunting of homes. It is one step toward becoming a demonologist experienced with all aspects of spiritual warfare. Some people will have a calling to only one aspect of the work, others will be called to a variety. Let the Holy Spirit lead you, and not anything else. Any spiritual work that is done through ego, because of a title or any other bad reason can be damaging to you and those who you are trying to help.

First things first:

Start each day with a personal prayer inviting God in to share your day and that more people remember to do so and share the day with Him too.

Include this Our Indent Prayer for protection:

“Lord, I ask that our indent not be shared with those who would do us harm, those who would give it to those who would do us harm and all those who would follow us home, only sharing it with those you wish to share it with Father. Thank you Lord, In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Add the Silencing Prayer: “Father may our ears be silenced to any unHoly Angels above and those within 333 miles. Thank you Father in Jesus’ name, amen.” This will help you to discern more clearly without hearing blasphemy or being distracted by the manipulations of the unHoly Angels. Because these two prayers are so necessary (you don’t want anything following you home), get in a habit of saying them before you leave the house. Adding them to your prayers at the graveyards during cleansing is beneficial too.

Do a Car Blessing. Your car should have a blessing every day, especially if you are doing this work.

Before entering a graveyard:

Ask in personal prayer for Father to turn on the light and help them to hear you. He will actually place a beacon above your head which can be seen by all on the other side (and by those humans who can see ghosts). It is a direct indent to the Holy Spirit, a kind of spiritual light to get their attention, and a stamp of approval that you are indeed there through the authority and love of God and that what you say has power and truth to back it up.

This is one way that God will bridge the gap for you and allows the heads-up for those you will be speaking to that have passed on. This also covers any differences in speech, dialects, languages and so on. God covers it all and makes it easier for communication.

Set a perimeter around your car to hold any manipulated ghosts (Manipulated Ghost Prayer), release as you leave the area.

Ask Father to show you where in the graveyard/cemetery needs the most work, or the area that has come under the most attack (this could be desecration, destruction, vandalism or occult activity).

Enter the graveyard paying close attention to sensations, feelings, and emotions. You have the option of speaking with the caretakers if you feel inclined to let them know you are an ordained minister and there to do blessings. Not really needed but if you would like to you can try it, they may even information to share about specific problem areas or ask for a blessing for themselves.

Next you will do an entire perimeter walkthrough for a specific prayer called the Wall of Forgetfulness. This is not in God’s Workbook but was given to us to help counter any occult activity. This is a specific prayer that can be used when occult activity is present whether it is a graveyard, an occult bookstore, a psychic store/building, or any occult-like gathering place.

This prayer is to be used together with Holy Water. To make Holy Water, read the info in God’s Workbook.

Here is the Wall of Forgetfulness Prayer: “Lord, I ask that a wall of forgetfulness be established here that any of those who come against not remember the wickedness that they do. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

As you say the prayer, make the sign of the Cross and a circle around it upon the ground with the Holy Water tracing the same outline you just did with your hand. Now continue to drip the Holy Water as you walk the entire outside perimeter of the graveyard until you close a complete circle, repeating the prayer as you walk around and paying attention to feelings of occult activity. These might be seen with the literal eye as physical signs, and can include (but not limited to) markings on trees, ground or rocks, arrangement of sticks, stones, strips of cloth or rope, and animal bones or bird (and other) carcasses. You may feel manipulated ghost activity as well, but through time you will easily recognize the difference in vibration between human occult activity and activity directly from the other side.

If you are using the Wall of Forgetfulness in front of a building or road (such as the entryway of a graveyard), you can start with a simple line across the area beginning with the sign of the Cross with the circle around it and the Holy Water dripping across the line to the other side. Then finish it with the sign of the Cross and circle around it, tracing the same pattern with the Holy Water that you made with your hand.

It can look like this:

Sign of the Cross + (with circle around it too) ----------------(Holy Water) and completed with Sign of the Cross +


What this specific blessing does is create a Wall of Forgetfulness for those who look to do unHoly things. As they pass through it, their memory of the wickedness they are seeking to do becomes cloudy. The more they cross it, the more they forget what it is they were going to do, effectively erasing the chain of damage they sought to cause. This Wall of Forgetfulness actually becomes stronger if someone seeks to weaken it or do any negative prayers against it – it counteracts and produces a blessing instead! This is why it is used around an entire area, as it seals the area with a huge wall, protecting it from occult activity. We see in the Bible a similar situation when Balaam to curse the nation of Israel but every time ended up blessing it instead (Numbers 22:1-41).

Another prayer that we have been given to include in this work is the No UnHoly Purposes Prayer:

“Lord, I ask that no indent to humanity for any unHoly purposes be allowed here through the power of the Shed Blood of the Lamb. Thank you Father, In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This prayer cuts any tie or bind that those looking to use anything dug up or stolen from a grave, a bone or other body part, clothing or anything buried with a person or taken from a gravesite be used as a negative indent for any evil some might be looking to create.

Next, pay attention to see if there is a curse upon the land. Sometimes, especially in ancient burial grounds, curses have been placed upon the land to ward off others or to produce problems for those occupying it after them. New curses occur also, and can take many forms of anger and resentment, and may include problems tied to graves being moved or road construction over burial areas. Breaking curses require another person to place their hand upon yours as well. God’s Workbook gives more info on breaking curses and doing land blessings.

After you have encircled the entire perimeter with the Wall of Forgetfulness, God may lead you to specific areas to do more blessings, such as the prayer for the Manipulated Ghosts. Areas where unHoly sacrifices have been made or high occult activity occurs can be made into Sacred Ground. Vandalism is a big heads-up as well as looking around in trees or burned out areas, or seeing smashed or overturned graves. Please consult God’s Workbook on all the information on how to do this. The Sacred Ground Prayer gives the Holy Angels free will access to protect, defend and assist God’s children through the end of time and the shift into timelessness, it is truly a blessing and one that does not wear out.

Here is the prayer for making Sacred Ground:

“Lord, I ask that this ground here be made Sacred Ground and remain so until the end of days, that your Holy Angels have free will access to defend, protect and assist your children here and keep them free from the evil one. Thank you Father, In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Sacred Ground is to be made by placing the Holy Eucharist within the ground and saying the prayer. The bread must be Consecrated and Transformed into the Holy Eucharist to be effective for this prayer. Sacred Ground can be made anywhere and covers a circumference of 33ft. You can do this as many times as you wish and wherever you feel it would be beneficial. Be open to being led by God on this as well. Sacred Ground does not require free will of another person to do, anyone who has been ordained can do this blessing. Again, consult the book, God’s Workbook for more info.

Next, look to see if God is leading you to speak to any individual ghosts, remembering that you have the beacon over your head all this time and have been gathering around you many on the other side. This includes every motion you have made and every spoken word has been observed (except for those few ghosts who, for one reason or another, are not aware and cannot see it). Often there are ghosts that God may lead you to address specifically and your out loud conversation with them often helps many others who are listening. This part takes great patience and practiced awareness. Remember that you may feel physical sensations and you may ask God to set up sensations for you to grow in your awareness to help you expand your sensitivity. The beacon will disappear after you have spoken to the groups you have gathered or when you chose to leave the site of work.

Conversations that the ghosts are typically concerned about are things such as:

Their loved ones,

past relationships,

their homes and land,

not knowing they are dead,

unworthiness issues, loneliness,

being afraid of the unHoly Angels or manipulated ghosts that come and create problems for them (they can see them),

fear over what happens if they go back to God,

fear of the unknown in general,

guilt and fear of false religious teachings such as hellfire or damnation,

not wanting to go unless other ghost friends near them go too,

doubting the truth of what you say,

waiting for the Second Coming of Christ - that they can’t leave their grave until then,

not believing in the existence of God,

forgetting or not knowing about the Grace of forgiveness and salvation through Christ,

unforgiveness toward others, desire to harm, vengeance,

assumed unfinished business,

thinking they have to stay to protect someone,

thinking there is no work in heaven, or no ability to help loved ones on earth after leaving so it is better to stay here,

feeling lost, looking for family members or how to get to their past (physical) home,

All these conversations can be addressed and you can share with the ghosts whatever you would like about what you know about love, about God, about Christ, about forgiveness. Say them out loud, not in your head. Refer to the information and articles that you have seen on the websites, the classes you have taken, the info in the books and all that God has shown you directly. It is about offering opportunity through love. The conversations may be short or long, it depends on the ghost and how long it takes them to either return back to Father or to choose to walk away from you and the opportunity that God presents to them now through you.

Take your time and do not be rushed. Let God help you with the words and the info. God can show you a picture or give you words that will help with the scenario. Let God be the one to direct everything – do not invite any ghosts to pass through you “to get more information” and do not to ask them to place in your mind any information or to come home with you. Although ghosts do pass through us occasionally, giving them free will entry to do so is a big no-no and can cause other problems. Let God give you pictures or information to help the situation, and He can place these visions in front of your literal eyes or inside your mind when you ask Him for it (another reason for living in the undertone of personal prayer allowing constant interaction and communication with Father).  

Not all visions you see may be from God. Do not get alarmed or frightened if you see visions that are alarming – especially if a ghost is manipulated, stuck living in repetition of how they died, or if a demon is nearby. You may also get impressions of how the ghost now views themselves. Manipulated ghosts often see themselves as some sort of gargoyle, monster, contorted animal or emaciated skeleton, since the demons want them to forget their Godly humanity and make them believe they are something wicked that they are not, and even that they are demons themselves.

Remember you are not the first one to talk to them about God, each one has had at least one personal visit from a Holy Angel at death; and if they didn’t choose to go home then, each ghost gets periodic follow-up opportunities throughout time. Not all ghosts are ready to go home, no matter what you may say to them; don’t place their choices as a weight upon your own shoulders of how well you did or not – it’s not about you. As in healing, you are just giving an opportunity as one child of God to another, standing before His grace and love. 

Now, there is more information to know about doing the ghost work that will pop up from time to time. Know that roughly 65% of ghosts will become manipulated ghosts. So you see the importance of helping them to go home. The more ghosts you assist, the less will become manipulated, and the less manipulated ghosts the unHoly Angels can send against people. As well, the more ghosts that go back to Father, the more can be utilized for the work on the other side, and more also have opportunity to be born and come back to hopefully do even more for God.

As well, roughly 27% of the ghosts are in a pattern of repetition where they struggle, they repeat the way they died. For example, if a person were to die in a car accident and did not go back to God, they would become a ghost. We know if they remain a ghost that they could possibly (65% likelihood) become a manipulated ghost. And now this person who is a ghost has a 27% chance to be stuck in a place of repetition, reliving their accident again and again and again. There is a special prayer that God allows us to utilize to help break this repetition.

You can ask God by personal prayer to have an image of a loving memory whether it is their family, home, loved one, etc., placed over the Homing Angel (Angel of Death) so that the ghost has a greater opportunity to break free from the cycle. It is in these repetitive cycles that the ghosts struggle to recognize the Homing Angels at all so in doing this prayer and asking God to place an image over the Homing Angel it is much easier for them to break the cycle. They will still be repeating it but the Homing Angel will now appear as that image and the person will be more drawn to walk away from the repetitive cycle and walk towards the image and when they do, they are brought back to Father. It is an opportunity that you may find from time to time, especially in areas where there has been a quick death, an explosion, a car accident, war time injuries, etc. This is important to recognize and take advantage of to combine this image with the prayers to return home, as taken from Ephesians  5:14 and repeated three times:

“Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you,  Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you, Wake up O’sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you.”

When this prayer is said, the Homing Angel descends towards the ghost and waits about an arm’s length away for the person to make the free will choice to take their hand and be brought back to God. It is not automatic that the ghost returns home just by us saying the prayer, but it is an additional opportunity that they now have to make the choice for themselves.

Free will action by the ghost is essential and that is why the knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes is pretty helpful. So be aware of what it is that the ghosts will be looking for in terms or info or answers. If you are not sure, cover a few of the common questions listed previously. Above all, the best thing is to direct them to take the hand of the Homing Angel, because all their questions will be answered by God!

This is so important to say, and greatly shortens the need to go on and on with trying to answer or explain everything, or if we can’t hear or sense at all what a ghost is trying to communicate. This is also why we do not need to be concerned about fixing any unfinished business or helping the ghost sort out any perceived problems they have before going home to God, because all of that will be understood once they are with Father.

Remember that God is also expanding you as you go through this process, helping you to see, hear, feel the other side and represent God’s Love for those in need. Be patient with yourself and with the ghosts remembering always that they are people too, and that you are in charge of pacing yourself. There are millions of ghosts, and a person called to this kind of work can easily feel overwhelmed if they feel they need to talk to each one or succeed in clearing a place each time. Be guided by Father, it is His ministry you are doing. You are not alone, there are many others called to this work in one form or another, and Holy Angels as well, so do what you can when you can and know that God fills any gaps; and that each ghost is tenderly known by Him, and truly to Him none are lost.

Now, you may come up against a ghost that continues to cause problems even after repeated offerings to go back to Father. This can be problematic. Remember that ghosts lower the vibration of an area making it more susceptible to attacks from the unHoly Angels (this is something you can share with ghosts who feel they are helping protect their loved ones by staying – they are not and are actually doing more harm). The unHoly Angels take advantage of a place of death or fear, looking to spill even more blood or take more lives there as well.

To take care of this situation with a ghost who insists on staying and continuing to cause problems, you can ask that the ghost be nailed, held fast and silenced, just like in the Prayer for Manipulated Ghosts. The difference lies in the next part for you are actually carrying out a Deliverance Prayer upon them. The next part is asking that they be brought up to God now to deal with as He sees fit. This will require the name of the ghost (either given to you from the ghost or by God).

The prayer is as follows:

“Lord, I ask that the spirit of (name) be nailed, held fast and silenced. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them and bring them up to your presence immediately Lord, through the power of the Shed Blood of the Lamb, to deal with as you see fit. Thank you Father, In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This removes the ghost from the area and brings them up to God. This is only to be used when a ghost refuses to leave and continues to cause a problem, such as a haunting situation. Ghosts can do this even if they are not manipulated! Unlike demon encapsulation, when ghosts are ordered home in this matter they are released immediately once they are brought before God.

So as you can see, there is much work to be done. There are many levels within the work and having discernment about who you are working with, ghost, manipulated ghost, or unHoly Angels will be of great importance. If you ask God, God can show you. You can even ask for physical signs so you know who it is by the sign. For example, you can ask that the tip of your nose tingles for a ghost, your ear for a manipulated ghost and your arm for an unHoly Angel. Using any additional signs are completely up to you but it can be helpful.

Too many people have fallen prey all throughout time thinking that they are communicating with a spirit or ghost only to be fooled by an unHoly Angel. Discernment is key here!

Things to pay attention to for awareness that the unHoly Angels are near: foul stench like decaying flesh, a rotten smell, deeply musty or musky, even sickly sweet like rotten fruit. Demons create an extreme heads-up in your body, even to the point of the fight-or-flight responses kicking in, and a sense of fear or dread. But the common sensations of your hair standing on end or coldness around you may be only the human triggers that occur around any form of spiritual being, good or evil, and cannot be relied upon for knowing what kind of being you are dealing with.

Remember that the unHoly Angels like to bully and scare, but they have limits placed upon them by God that they cannot cross. This is also why they cannot sustain physical form (but Holy Angels can), and they may be seen in other forms or shades of colors of light or darkness, create movement of objects, push or scratch, and produce smell or sounds. The Holy Angels have no limits to protect us and are more powerful than the demons. This is because not only are there more of them (2/3 Holy against 1/3 unHoly), but also because they are still plugged in with Father, have full access to Him, and have continued expanding and learning through time, whereas the unHoly Angels have not. It is no little thing that Holy Angels have been placed at our disposal by God to aid us whenever we call, including a huge warrior class of Angels specific for this kind of work. So have no fear, but face it with full faith and confidence – for it is God who has asked you to step forth to do the work and it will be through God’s protection and your faith that you are covered in it.

To be fully strengthened for this work, say The Divine Decrees consistently as it is suggested, do your own Deliverance Prayer daily (and several times a day when out doing the work), say the Called and Commissioned Decree daily, take Holy Communion daily, have confession weekly and use all the prayers outlined above and those found in God’s Workbook - Shifting into Light. 

And any questions you have, contact me, Fr. Billy Clark by email,

This should be a good starting point for you and help you in the work. I am sure you will have other things that you will come across, so keep a work journal of experiences that you have it to refer back to and share with others who may be called into this work as well.

It is suggested that you created a book outlining the cemeteries and graveyards you have done and place that book on your altar at home (with Holy Eucharist always present) that you can keep them in prayer continually as well.

About the Authors: Tiffany Snow carries the 5 marks of the Holy stigmata, and is a documented miracle healer, award-winning author, NDEr and public speaker. Her latest book: “God’s Workbook – Shifting into the Light” is available on Distant healing, deliverances, classes, live teleconferences and more articles are offered through the websites. Father Billy Clark is a demonologist and specializes in deliverance, spiritual warfare, "Becoming the Mystic" classes and ordination. This article may be reprinted and shared in any form, unedited, without permission: please list one of the websites for contact information -, and LoveWins.Net.  800-535-5474 God’s L.A.W. Love Always Wins!  TOP