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Ouija Board, Tarot cards
Ouija Board, Tarot cards

Ouija Board
The Ouija board causes difficulties not because it is used as a means to communicate but because people do not realize that when something has an indent to the unHoly Angels or demons, it can create huge problems. It is not that people err in looking for help beyond oneself for assistance, BUT it is in whom people ask that can cause the problems. Many do not realize how easy it is for a demon to manipulate an indent like the Ouija board to give outright false information, pretend to be a another spirit or pretend to be a spirit of a deceased loved one or worse yet to mix a lie in with some truth. It is these manipulations that people open themselves up to that creates a hole in the free will that leads to many problems. People assume that when something from the other side tells them something it must be true, but they neither know the spirit nor its intentions. The unHoly Angels or demons will tag anyone who uses a Ouija board and claim those people as their own property seeking to wear that person down with the eventual goal of destroying not only that person but as many as they can harm through them as well.

One excellent way is to ask the spirit "Do you love Jesus now?" just as we are told in 1John4:1
Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Even if a person is not religious at all, no spirit can answer this as a yes and still serve the unHoly Angels. Any other answer aside from yes tells you that spirit, be it a ghost who has not gone back to God, or worse yet one of the unHoly Angels is there to manipulate and cause harm. It becomes a true question of discernment not simply blindly using what people believe to be a means of communication.

Many of the homes I have been asked to bless have had issues that began when someone using a Ouija board or has used Tarot Cards and has had very unfortunate results. Whenever a person utilizes a Ouija board it is like a beacon that goes out - it calls out to the unHoly Angels, making them aware of the contact they can use to manipulate those people. In many cases, just stopping the use of the Ouija board does not stop the cause-and-effect of the situation, and a very real haunting can occur, or even open a portal.

Again, it is not wrong in wanting to ask for help in our lives, but this is not the way. It is much better to ask God directly rather than rely on a process that has been manipulated and links a person to the unHoly Angels. What many are aware of is that yes, it is an opening for communication, but it is not a communication which will help them. Long ago it was dedicated to the demons and remains an unfortunate bind to them this day. It creates a tremendous amount of harm.

God can hear us all and it is always better to go to the true source who knows the truth of all things and trust in the One who made us all.

If you have already used a Ouija board in your home, you must destroy it and make it unusable for anyone else to use. If you are afraid to do so, ask your local Priest to do it on your behalf. Then have your home blessed by someone who is Ordained say the deliverance prayer, and recite The Divine Decrees, especially the Protection Act. Saging and smudging will not do, you need a Priest, Holy Water, Blessed salt for any portals that need closing and strong faith. Placing a crucifix in the room where the board was used is also beneficial, as is singing songs of faith and making where the opportunity of darkness was, now a place of brightness, blessing, and prayer through the use of Jesus name and authority.

Tarot Cards
Here again we have a desire for reaching out, for understanding, for knowledge that is dangerous because rather than going directly to God to seek understanding and gain wisdom, a person reaches out somewhere else not realizing the danger. It is not a bad thing to seek information but it can and will be manipulated everytime a person doesn't seek God as the source of the information. Even those who have pyschic gifts are not immune as often times they lack the discernment and don't know the source of the information.

When anyone uses Tarot Cards, they unknowingly become tagged by the unHoly Angels and are claimed as property by the unHoly Angels. This tagging is just the beginning. The unHoly Angels frequently battle over people, those in postitions of power, those who are being asked to do mighty work in the world and even those who have died and have yet to head back to God. The unHoly Angels will then go about systematically weakening that person (and even the one who reads the cards for them) and wear them down eventually seeking their destruction. They will come under attack in their homes and they will see the attacks coming against their health, finances and family and relationships.

Saying the deliverance prayer will remove the tagging by the unHoly Angels and free the captive.

Here is the deliverance prayer:

"Father, if there are unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me, I nail and hold them fast and silence them. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the Power of the Shed Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I bring them up to your presence immediately Lord to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty spaces and lonely places within me with your love and your light. Thank you Father, In Jesus' name. Amen."