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It is our responsibility as the Sons of Man to call in the Holy Angels.  We must remember to always call in God's protection, asking Father to send His Angels to protect and defend us.

These are the ones who act on Father's will. "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" Psalm 91:11

The True Sons of God, those that serve Father.  This is what we have referred to as the Angels.
These Angels serve Father in a multitude of ways...

As humans, we see everything as having a beginning and an end. There is a spring and a fall, a sunrise and a sunset. Even the giant redwood trees live to be longer than our days, but they too have a beginning and an end. Not so in the Spirit Realm. Everything is much larger than you could ever imagine. And, not everything is as it seems…

I am talking about the world of Angels, the battle of good and evil, and the Great War that ripped apart the heavens. There is much to be understood. Now it is time for the wall of Separateness to come down, and for an exchange of dialog between those who were once Brothers.

Where humans are, there are Angels. As a human opens this and reads, those in Spirit will also be presented this important information. Humans are thus being facilitated as tools to aid in bridging this communication. This is an unprecedented opportunity - nowhere in the history of creation have humans been used as Messengers to Angels. It has always been ordained the other way around.

Angels had a beginning, that is true. But the world that exists outside the material vision of human eyes is a world of warring over souls, great heavenly political upheavals, and unlimited uses of power and intrigue.

Angels have been before the earth came to be! "The morning stars sang together, and all the Angels shouted for joy" (Job 38:7)

It is a misconception that humans become Angels when their physical bodies die. There is a different purpose for Angels than there is for mankind.

Humans say they “believe in God,” or they may say “God Exists,” but Angels do not believe in God, Angels know God. Even those angels that fell away, know God. The one called Satan knows God. Without God, there would be nothing. He is and always was, and always will be. This has never been a question for Angels. Mankind has the infamous reputation of being the only Lifeforce in the cosmos to question this fact!  Man continues to reason on this issue, and often accepts as fact his own incomplete misconceptions. But that was to be expected, once The Barrier was put up.

As mankind created in his likeness, you have a unique connection with God that Angels do not. This jealousy is one of the main reasons political problems erupted in the Heavenly Realm – mankind has been given graces that have not been extended to Angels. Yet, Angels “believe” and have worked continually to fulfill their responsibilities for thousands of millions of years. This is one of the main reasons the Great Issue became what it was, and many fell away to the Shadow Realm. Jealousy can be disaster for those who feel especially privileged.

All Angels were created with Free Will, and not as “robots.” They were birthed perfect and without blemish of any kind, perfectly suited for specific responsibilities. In the beginning, all Angels had very specific tasks, and did not “cross-train.”  But since the Great War, Angels on both sides have increased work loads as assigned by their various Commanders, Chiefs and Generals. This has caused additional friction with reference to the reasons for the continued debate of the Issue.

Their responsibilities are known by the form our spirit bodies take, similar to different types and models of vehicles which exist for human transportation and services. Some are like Police Cars (Protectors), Ambulances (Healing), Hearses (Transition), Street Sweepers (Ecology), Mail Trucks (Prayers), etc. They are also categorized under group headings such as Cherubs and Seraphs, Wettals, etc. Some of them are seen to have “wings” (seraphs are seen with 6 pairs), when actually what is seen is not “feathers,” but what you might term “light spheres” radiating from their very high frequency bodies.

Some Angels, such as those for Ecology, have spirit bodies that are able to cover complete regions of Earth at one time, some bodies expanding to over 3,000 “miles” at a time. Various ranks of Protectors range from 14 to 300 feet tall. Their bodies are shaped by the amount and type of energy they need to successfully accomplish their missions. Some Angels are very small, at a height of less than two feet.

There are 4 Angels assisting with the Earth and another specifically designated to the center of the Earth.  It is important to pray for these Angels!  There is much happening that we are unaware of and blessing for those that assist are always appreciated.

They each have an individual personality, and a personal name. The names of the True Sons are secrets well-guarded from mankind.

Mankind is very prone to worship the creation, instead of The Creator. Do NOT! Worship only God!

Much care must be taken. The Shadow Sons, the Unholy ones, openly spread their names around indiscriminately, thereby creating a link to groups and individuals for Shadows’s immediate access; for control purposes regarding Free Will.  It is for this reason that we ask any Angels to state specifically and unaltered, "I love Jesus". This is an unparalleled way to find which side of the Great War they are on.  Remember the fallen ones, the Unholy ones are proud and will spread their names about.  So...always ask.  Without question!  We can be manipulated way too easily to risk not asking.
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. (Ephesians 6:18)

***It is always appropriate to ask that Father send the Holy Angels, the ones who truly love Jesus, to come and assist you and others with any task. You are to call them in to protect and defend you from any darkness, from the machinations of the evil one.  They are the ones that Father gives to you for assistance!***

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